Heyaaa People,

First of All, A Belated Merry Christmas & yes just few hours left for the New Year….
So this is the Festive Season….Party Time, Right?
But we do that every year….!! Isn’t?
Have You Thought of Something Special to do this year…Something New apart from Partying?

Okay, Let Me Tell You….
We all have our group of Friends & Family with us….with them we make Plans for Celebrations…either we go out with them and Party or we arrange House Parties and and enjoy.
But there are some people who don’t have anyone to make their festivals special.
Yes, I’m talking about:
1) Old People in Old Age Homes.
2) Children in Orphanages.
3) Poor People who don’t have any shelter.

These are some group of people, where they don’t have their own families to celebrate any festival with them. They have found their families in the people living with them.
Don’t you guys think that these people too have right to celebrate.

So…..Do something new this season…Spend Time with these People.
Arrange Parties for them so that they can too celebrate.
Gift them Christmas and New Year Goodies. Click Pictures with them. Dance with them.Enjoy with them.

You know we have the power to do that….Just Spread the Happiness in their Lives. Make them realise they have some people who really care for them. So just give your a little bit of time to them. Make them Happy & feel the satisfaction inside you. ❤✨
So, I Wish You a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you. 🌌✨❄🎉