Celebrate Womanhood this Women’s Day ♥


Happy Women’s Day Beautiful Ladies out there.


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So why we celebrate Women’s day?

We celebrate Women’s Day to celebrate the achievements of Women. We are successful in every field today. We are giving our 100% in our professional lives as well as our personal lives. But have you thought that why we still lack behind? Why we are still not Strong enough to fight with the world?

Why we are still considered less than Men?

We are still less than Men because we as Women are not together, we don’t stand united…We don’t support each other, in other words we are Jealous of each other and that is the truth, we do get jealous of other Woman’s Success or we can say Happiness.

Not only that, we don’t even want to change the old methods. We are living with the same thinking towards women as it was years back and shocking point is that women are only supporting that. They are only discriminating between Men and Women. Limitations have been set according to their convenience. We Judge each other for everything. We call each other names.

Let’s face the reality…this is truth. 😐

But Why?

Why can’t we be just happy for each other?

Why can’t we Support each other?

We don’t realise that if we support each other we will become so strong that we will be able to face the whole world. Don’t fight with each other but fight for each other. Start motivating other women to follow their heart… Don’t Judge. Stand United.


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As you always stand strong for yourself and your family, support other Women too.

This Women’s Day let’s promise that we will be more supportive to each other.

All the Men out there this is for you too support the women in your Life in any way you can. She is always there for you, be it your mother, sister, wife or daughter. You should also encourage and motivate them.


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Again, Thanks Neeta Mam for inspiring me and giving me the opportunity to write about it. This is the reality and you brought light to it.

Thanks ❤️

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Last week during my Aerobics & Yoga class our trainer Respected Neeta Bhatia Mam took a small counselling session with us which she usually does to make us feel better and to look things with a positive perspective which is correlated with our Health.


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During the session she asked each one of us present there that “ Who is always on your mind ?” ,
Whom you remember the most?”. Somebody answered that when I am not home I remember my mom most . Someone answered that we only think of God the most whenever we feel sad or lonely and that is what I thought.
Then she explained to us No we don’t think of our Parents, Family Friends or God the maximum but the person who is always on our minds is the person who we hate the most because of any reason maybe he/she did hurt us at some point in our life. We always have that person on our mind who did hurt us or whom we
hate the most because our inability to release the thoughts related to that person from our mind.
We are not able to get over whatever he/she did to us. Sometimes we are not even able to tell others that what we are going through.
Now you must be thinking “How it is related to health?” … Right? It is.. Let me tell you how.
The constant thinking or I would say overthinking , constant stress creates negativity in our mind and body. This negativity and this stress affects our Health the most. Problems like Thyroid, Depression are the result of Stress we are dealing with everyday. I would definitely say that like you all even I myself too stress out on each and every thing either its professional life or personal life. I am always overthinking plus If am hurt I rarely tell anyone and constantly think about the same. If someone else hurts us 10% , we hurt ourselves almost 100%.
We all know that by this we are not doing any good to ourselves .
So any Solution?
Yes , Mam says that there is only one way to deal with the negative thoughts and all the stress and that is to let go of those things and people who are hurting you. Forgive that person behind all’ the pain and stress. Go to that person tell him/ her that whatever they did to you is over now and you are forgiving them and after that you will feel so much better. You will feel Positive.
We only have the power to control our thoughts, don’t let anyone get on you. Start living with Positive attitude and things will get better. Grab positivity from others and let go of Negativity.


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Life is too short and don’t waste it ignoring your health and happiness. Live life to the fullest. Live life with Positivity.
I hope I was able to put across my point and I hope you all who are reading will definitely bring positive changes in your life.

Specially a BIG THANKS to NEETA MAM for inspiring me to write this and working so hard on her students so that we can actually work on ourselves and our health.

Keep Smiling  ♥
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Change the Convention – By Swati Choudhry

What do you think?
People say women should know how to cook and do household chores… I say men and women should be equally taught everything…

Am I wrong..?

Actually we don’t want to come out of conventional thinking…
According to me  not only women.. but each and every one should be aware how to cook and do household chores..
They say you should know how to cook … 
What you will do after marriage?… 

How will you feed your family?…

Ok.. I got that…But what if I am Sick… still expect me to cook or complete household chores ? Like seriously?
In Simpler​ words…What I am trying to explain is a Man & a Woman should equally be taught to cook and do household chores so that both can equally run and feed the family..so  that they can equally manage the house. Parents should teach their children about equality from the beginning.

I suppose this is not a big deal in so called “Modern Era”.

“”People”” made  these rules but now as times are changing we should change as well. We should change our thinking and our outlook, our perspective as well. If​ a man will cook it’s not a big deal…If a woman will ask a man to cook, it’s definitely not a big deal. It’s completely ok.
Biggest thing both men and women should know how to cook, how to perform household chores so that if required they won’t depend on anyone else and can do everything by themselves..
What you people think?????
Drop in your views in the comment section below

I definitely want to know
See ya 🙂

The Scent of Many Regrets – By Divyani Motwani

The scent of many regrets..

In a nyt as gloomy as it could be ,full of all the repulsiveness …I decided to walk away …walk away to leave you under the staring moonlight , to make u think more of us but not me anymore . I left behind that scent of us in your sheets that u might have never taken away…I walked vthout turning back nd took nothing vth me neither within , instead dat nyt I gave away everything , evry emotion evry feeling and threw it out on ur sheets.. 

u myt have taken it as my passion but darling .. that night it was aggression ….of wat I let u do to me , and never stood up for my own self. 

That nyt I was like a bird who was finally spreading her wings but scared to jump. I remember ur hands scratching down my spine, the shiver u wanted me to feel for the last time . u wishd me to stay a lil longer but this tym the water was really flowing, it had no boundations neither it wanted to be controlld it wanted to flow but on its own.

For the last time in the moment of desperation and between the sheets I had left the scent that once belonged to me …for you… to caress and remember what u lost … for u to dwell in that scent of remorse …


Heyaaa People,

First of All, A Belated Merry Christmas & yes just few hours left for the New Year….
So this is the Festive Season….Party Time, Right?
But we do that every year….!! Isn’t?
Have You Thought of Something Special to do this year…Something New apart from Partying?

Okay, Let Me Tell You….
We all have our group of Friends & Family with us….with them we make Plans for Celebrations…either we go out with them and Party or we arrange House Parties and and enjoy.
But there are some people who don’t have anyone to make their festivals special.
Yes, I’m talking about:
1) Old People in Old Age Homes.
2) Children in Orphanages.
3) Poor People who don’t have any shelter.

These are some group of people, where they don’t have their own families to celebrate any festival with them. They have found their families in the people living with them.
Don’t you guys think that these people too have right to celebrate.

So…..Do something new this season…Spend Time with these People.
Arrange Parties for them so that they can too celebrate.
Gift them Christmas and New Year Goodies. Click Pictures with them. Dance with them.Enjoy with them.

You know we have the power to do that….Just Spread the Happiness in their Lives. Make them realise they have some people who really care for them. So just give your a little bit of time to them. Make them Happy & feel the satisfaction inside you. ❤✨
So, I Wish You a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you. 🌌✨❄🎉



Altering Self…

There comes a time in life when we’re craving to have our life back which we left far behind. That Life where everything was so simple yet so Beautiful and Serene without any pain, any second thoughts about life without any murmuring happening in your head. That Life where ‘You’ are ‘You’. You are Young, Fanciful, Lively and Everything a Person must be. But it doesn’t always go like this, life was never meant to be Simple, there comes some twists, some U-Turns, some bumps but we never get to see a plain road throughout cause it’s not meant to be that way. 

Ever noticed that as the time move, we achieve want in our lives and we stop thinking that Is it really making me Happy? Do I really want that or something more than that?
Life is exactly a Puzzle none of us could solve we might put some of it’s  pieces together but there is always too much space left to be filled. Those blank spaces are the one’s we want but due to some reasons we actually can’t find them or even make out a path to achieve it.

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One only wants Peace and Solitude in His/Her Life that he keeps running to find through Lust and Luxuries or Friends but how could you be Happy with these things when you are not Happy with your Own Self. Many a times People surrender ourselves to many things, mostly to people who they Love and Care for but then to be accepted  throughout the coming time they keep on changing themselves!! Why?
Why do you need to that?
You are what You are and You including everyone else on this Earth must abide to the Fact.
Just by changing yourself Do you think you can gain Someone’s Acceptability or Time or Love?
Well, That Doesn’t Happen….
It might go on the track you want it to go but for a Short While, even you yourself can’t be that Anonymous Person to yourself. Who do you want to Lie with? With You? With someone else or with your Own Life?
You can’t always be happy neither you can always be sad….it changes and that’s the tendency..we say if anything is constant then its change. Yes,  Indeed  but that change must be for good, for your own good….for this you need not change “What you are or Who you are” …
Just be the change flow with the change -“The Good Change”…
But by being Your Original Self and trust me, with this you will get everything you ever wanted to have.

Divyani Motwani 🙂

Introducing My Friend’s First Article ♥

Hello People,

It’s been a very long time…since I have posted anything over here. A lot of things kept me busy. But now a lot of things are coming up over here very soon. I Promise that.

But First of all Let Me Introduce my one of the Best & Closest Friend of all time -Divyani. She is coming up with her First Article here. I Promise you that…Once you will read her Articles…you will be able to relate yourself to her and would wish to read more from her.

So, just wait for the Article. Coming up Very Soon. I Hope you will Love it.

Till then Keep Loving. 🙂 ♥



Hello People,

It was Friendship Day two days ago..& I wish all of you a very Happy Friendship Day❤😘. I think everyday is a Friendship Day💟

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Friends are so Important in Life…They are your Second Family. They are mostly of your age bracket so you have fun with them , you study with them and what not. After your Family they are best part of your Life.

But Some Friends come in your Life as Blessings. ❤❤😍 Obviously, you have Fun with them but they are the ones who keep you Motivated. They want you to make best out of your Life. They try to build and boost your confidence. You can trust them with your Life and you know they will be standing there for you always.

They are Always behind you …for you in Good as well as your  Bad times. You know you can look up to them whenever you need them and you know you will never be left disappointed. 💕

Never take them for granted just because they are Always there for you,  you can’t afford to lose them. Sometimes we give priorities to other people, try to impress them just because we  want to be friends with them. But in trying to make other people Happy we start neglecting our own people. This is the biggest mistake we do and we don’t even realize that. We only realise it when we see that person going away from us gradually and one day we actually lose them for ever !!
Why? Coz  we actually didn’t care to understand that what our Best friend is going through, that our friend needed us and we were busy making new friends. We Don’t realize that we are making them feel lonely which they never did to us.  We always expect them to be with us and they always try their best for that but we aren’t there for them when they expect the same. And Yes……We don’t even realise that 🤔

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Don’t do this because if you lose them you will lose them forever !!!!
Then all your genuine efforts to get them back in your life will be of no use and that will be your biggest loss. Then you will understand their Importance in your Life….that what they actually mean for you but it will be too late to understand. 😦 Don’t hurt or neglect them to that extent that you won’t get them back.

It’s up to you that how you make your best friend feel special. You have to be there for them as much as you expect them to be there with you. So we all need to learn to respect, care and love those Friends who have been always there with us no matter what. 🙂 Let me remind you that everyone is not blessed with True Friends and if you have them then never let them go.

Make everyday a Friendship Day. You don’t need a specific day to celebrate Friendship. Make any day special for your Best Friends. Express them that Yes, you are there for them as much as they are for you and make your Friendship the Most Beautiful one.💟💕❤😍

Just Love them. ❤

Please do Share your Friendship Stories here. Would Love to read and share them.

Happy Friendship Day to all you Lovely People Once again🎉❤


Heyaa People,

I am writing about Life today…Life which is so unpredictable….
Alive today, fit and fine today…but no more tomorrow 😦
Must be Wondering why I am writing this…!!

Recently, A Young boy in my neighborhood who was just 19 or 20 died because of a Road Accident. Such a young soul who must have so much to achieve in life died so young. Sad !! 😦
Can’t even Imagine that what his family must be going through….Can you imagine the grief and the sorrow of his parents…. !! 😦 Unexplainable…

Okay…now let’s come to the point we all know that life is unpredictable….we don’t know that what is going to happen next….we have our plans….but life has its own plans…
So why not spend this life being Happy, why not make other’s Happy….
We have bunch of people in our life – our family, friends & so many other people who love us and care for us. But what we do to them is take them for granted…Isn’t ?
Why….because we think whatever may come they will be with us only…they’ll stand by us. They will do everything for us…. and we always look up-to them, whenever we need them. But when it comes to their happiness, their emotions, their feelings, their problems…we don’t even bother. Why ? Because we are always busy pleasing others…people who rarely care for us…but forget those people who are always their for us in our problems like our family & our closest friends.

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Then comes a day when they leave us Forever…then we realize that what they meant for us. But then it’s Too Late !!
So, Why waste your time pleasing others…it’s better to utilize your precious time making your people feel special. Do something special for them every other day. Life is too short.
Spend your quality time with Family and close friends. Love them…help them…motivate them to achieve their goals…because they have done it for you a million times whenever you needed them…
Remember ?
1. When You were upset it was only your Mom , Dad , your Sibling or your Best Friend/Closest Friend who were with you to cheer you up.
2. When you felt that nothing is left in this in life and everything is ruined but these people were there with you and made you realize, “That Everything’s gonna be Alright”.
3. They were with you to motivate you when you felt your career is going nowhere.

They will never let you know what they feel, how much they need you….you have to realize that before it’s too late. Never let your loved ones and your well wishers feel neglected because you never know when you gonna lose them and you will only regret everything you unknowingly did to them. So, Spread Love and Happiness in their life. ❤

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Also, Life is too short for any kind of Hatred. Be Good to other’s. Be sensitive towards other people. Don’t Judge anyone because you don’t know what other person is going through or may have gone through in the past. Don’t mock others, you may hurt them badly. People won’t let you know that how hurt they are when you make fun of them. But may be you are leaving deep wounds in their heart and you didn’t even realize that !
So, Be good to others..have fun but know your limits. Do not hurt others to that extent when they feel it’s better to end their life.

Life is Precious make it worth living for yourselves as well for others. Love others. Bring smile on others faces. You will feel the Inner peace. Do your little bit in making someone’s life worth living. Every person, Every Life is Special you just have to realize that.
Respect your Life. Respect Other’s Life as well.

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Spread Love & Happiness around you. ❤ 🙂

I hope you guys will understand what I’m trying to explain you here.
Let me know your views. Anything you want to share…you are always welcome 🙂
See you soon. 🙂 ❤

Also featuring this in response to The Daily Post Prompt – ” Unpredictable

Free Your Mind ♥

Heyaa People,

Other Day I was writing for a Contest on Instagram organised by @allaboutyoufromDeepikaPadukone on #Freeyourmind. So why not share my views here.
So, Here it is…. 🙂

#Freeyourmind By following your Dreams…Just do what you Loveee…Do things which makes you happy…Pursue you Dreams…Don’t bother what people say …because it’s their task and they will do it no matter what…!! So don’t think about them…..#Freeyourmind by making yourself Happy… 🙂


Be Confident about yourself and be Strong enough to overcome your fears which prohibits you from pursuing your dreams..Let go of those things & People who are taking away your Happiness and keeping you away from your Success …

Pamper yourself …Love Yourself …Make yourself Happpppppyy … 🙂 ♥
Because at the end it’s All About You..This is Your Life …Right?
When you will be Happy and Successful…Then, your loved ones will be Happy and will be Proud of you…

Make yourself Strong…Happy …And Once Again I’m saying Just Learn to Love Yourself ♥♥
#Freeyourmind from Unnecessary Rules & Regulations and your Fears…

I am Freeing my Mind by making myself Strong and Confident enough to Follow up dreams…♥♥

Spreading Smiles and Love around Me ♥♥♥

Hope You all will like it..
Do share your views with me…. 🙂

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