Altering Self…

There comes a time in life when we’re craving to have our life back which we left far behind. That Life where everything was so simple yet so Beautiful and Serene without any pain, any second thoughts about life without any murmuring happening in your head. That Life where ‘You’ are ‘You’. You are Young, Fanciful, Lively and Everything a Person must be. But it doesn’t always go like this, life was never meant to be Simple, there comes some twists, some U-Turns, some bumps but we never get to see a plain road throughout cause it’s not meant to be that way. 

Ever noticed that as the time move, we achieve want in our lives and we stop thinking that Is it really making me Happy? Do I really want that or something more than that?
Life is exactly a Puzzle none of us could solve we might put some of it’s  pieces together but there is always too much space left to be filled. Those blank spaces are the one’s we want but due to some reasons we actually can’t find them or even make out a path to achieve it.

Picture Credit : Designed by Benzoix / Freepik

One only wants Peace and Solitude in His/Her Life that he keeps running to find through Lust and Luxuries or Friends but how could you be Happy with these things when you are not Happy with your Own Self. Many a times People surrender ourselves to many things, mostly to people who they Love and Care for but then to be accepted  throughout the coming time they keep on changing themselves!! Why?
Why do you need to that?
You are what You are and You including everyone else on this Earth must abide to the Fact.
Just by changing yourself Do you think you can gain Someone’s Acceptability or Time or Love?
Well, That Doesn’t Happen….
It might go on the track you want it to go but for a Short While, even you yourself can’t be that Anonymous Person to yourself. Who do you want to Lie with? With You? With someone else or with your Own Life?
You can’t always be happy neither you can always be sad….it changes and that’s the tendency..we say if anything is constant then its change. Yes,  Indeed  but that change must be for good, for your own good….for this you need not change “What you are or Who you are” …
Just be the change flow with the change -“The Good Change”…
But by being Your Original Self and trust me, with this you will get everything you ever wanted to have.

Divyani Motwani 🙂


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