Hello People,

It was Friendship Day two days ago..& I wish all of you a very Happy Friendship Day❤😘. I think everyday is a Friendship Day💟

Picture Credits : Selected by freepik

Friends are so Important in Life…They are your Second Family. They are mostly of your age bracket so you have fun with them , you study with them and what not. After your Family they are best part of your Life.

But Some Friends come in your Life as Blessings. ❤❤😍 Obviously, you have Fun with them but they are the ones who keep you Motivated. They want you to make best out of your Life. They try to build and boost your confidence. You can trust them with your Life and you know they will be standing there for you always.

They are Always behind you …for you in Good as well as your  Bad times. You know you can look up to them whenever you need them and you know you will never be left disappointed. 💕

Never take them for granted just because they are Always there for you,  you can’t afford to lose them. Sometimes we give priorities to other people, try to impress them just because we  want to be friends with them. But in trying to make other people Happy we start neglecting our own people. This is the biggest mistake we do and we don’t even realize that. We only realise it when we see that person going away from us gradually and one day we actually lose them for ever !!
Why? Coz  we actually didn’t care to understand that what our Best friend is going through, that our friend needed us and we were busy making new friends. We Don’t realize that we are making them feel lonely which they never did to us.  We always expect them to be with us and they always try their best for that but we aren’t there for them when they expect the same. And Yes……We don’t even realise that 🤔

Picture Credits : Selected by freepik

Don’t do this because if you lose them you will lose them forever !!!!
Then all your genuine efforts to get them back in your life will be of no use and that will be your biggest loss. Then you will understand their Importance in your Life….that what they actually mean for you but it will be too late to understand. 😦 Don’t hurt or neglect them to that extent that you won’t get them back.

It’s up to you that how you make your best friend feel special. You have to be there for them as much as you expect them to be there with you. So we all need to learn to respect, care and love those Friends who have been always there with us no matter what. 🙂 Let me remind you that everyone is not blessed with True Friends and if you have them then never let them go.

Make everyday a Friendship Day. You don’t need a specific day to celebrate Friendship. Make any day special for your Best Friends. Express them that Yes, you are there for them as much as they are for you and make your Friendship the Most Beautiful one.💟💕❤😍

Just Love them. ❤

Please do Share your Friendship Stories here. Would Love to read and share them.

Happy Friendship Day to all you Lovely People Once again🎉❤


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