Heyaa People,

I am writing about Life today…Life which is so unpredictable….
Alive today, fit and fine today…but no more tomorrow 😦
Must be Wondering why I am writing this…!!

Recently, A Young boy in my neighborhood who was just 19 or 20 died because of a Road Accident. Such a young soul who must have so much to achieve in life died so young. Sad !! 😦
Can’t even Imagine that what his family must be going through….Can you imagine the grief and the sorrow of his parents…. !! 😦 Unexplainable…

Okay…now let’s come to the point we all know that life is unpredictable….we don’t know that what is going to happen next….we have our plans….but life has its own plans…
So why not spend this life being Happy, why not make other’s Happy….
We have bunch of people in our life – our family, friends & so many other people who love us and care for us. But what we do to them is take them for granted…Isn’t ?
Why….because we think whatever may come they will be with us only…they’ll stand by us. They will do everything for us…. and we always look up-to them, whenever we need them. But when it comes to their happiness, their emotions, their feelings, their problems…we don’t even bother. Why ? Because we are always busy pleasing others…people who rarely care for us…but forget those people who are always their for us in our problems like our family & our closest friends.

Image: Selected by freepik

Then comes a day when they leave us Forever…then we realize that what they meant for us. But then it’s Too Late !!
So, Why waste your time pleasing others…it’s better to utilize your precious time making your people feel special. Do something special for them every other day. Life is too short.
Spend your quality time with Family and close friends. Love them…help them…motivate them to achieve their goals…because they have done it for you a million times whenever you needed them…
Remember ?
1. When You were upset it was only your Mom , Dad , your Sibling or your Best Friend/Closest Friend who were with you to cheer you up.
2. When you felt that nothing is left in this in life and everything is ruined but these people were there with you and made you realize, “That Everything’s gonna be Alright”.
3. They were with you to motivate you when you felt your career is going nowhere.

They will never let you know what they feel, how much they need you….you have to realize that before it’s too late. Never let your loved ones and your well wishers feel neglected because you never know when you gonna lose them and you will only regret everything you unknowingly did to them. So, Spread Love and Happiness in their life. ❤

Image: Selected by freepik

Also, Life is too short for any kind of Hatred. Be Good to other’s. Be sensitive towards other people. Don’t Judge anyone because you don’t know what other person is going through or may have gone through in the past. Don’t mock others, you may hurt them badly. People won’t let you know that how hurt they are when you make fun of them. But may be you are leaving deep wounds in their heart and you didn’t even realize that !
So, Be good to others..have fun but know your limits. Do not hurt others to that extent when they feel it’s better to end their life.

Life is Precious make it worth living for yourselves as well for others. Love others. Bring smile on others faces. You will feel the Inner peace. Do your little bit in making someone’s life worth living. Every person, Every Life is Special you just have to realize that.
Respect your Life. Respect Other’s Life as well.

Image: Designed by Freepik

Spread Love & Happiness around you. ❤ 🙂

I hope you guys will understand what I’m trying to explain you here.
Let me know your views. Anything you want to share…you are always welcome 🙂
See you soon. 🙂 ❤

Also featuring this in response to The Daily Post Prompt – ” Unpredictable


11 thoughts on “LIFE – SO UNPREDICTABLE….

  1. The writer’s growing on every possible way, post by post, day by day.
    Completely agree to everything she’s trying to convey.
    Every part that she wants us to relate to our lives stands true.!!
    May god bless the little champ’s soul.
    And all the good wishes to u my friend..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i liked your post like it means time to wake up from your own small world and look around yourself and realize what you have i too sometimes think about it your right our parents are always here especially my mother to cheer us up to clear our tears but the fact is we take them for granted is that we love them so much that we can not even imagine them not being here its like a sin if you think of that or a bad dream anyway i hope all parents live long long i do not know what a parent feels on his kids loss as i am not a parent but i am a child so yes i feel my parents importance good work i liked the pictures too if you need advice i am here good luck we writers should support each other 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you liked it…:) Yes you are absolutely right…we takeour parents fot granted…and some more close who were actually there for us when we needed them…we need to learn to love them…:)
      Thank you so much for the support…yes we people should support each other…I am there to helpu as well…
      Thanks once again 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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