NEERJA BHANOT – An Inspiration for Many

First of all, Let me tell you about Neerja Bhanot. Born in Chandigarh and brought up in Mumbai. She pursued her Career in Modelling. She got married where she was tortured by her Husband because of Dowry, then she decided to walkout of her marriage. Apart from Modelling, she started a job as Purser for Pan Am. She was the Senior Flight Purser on Fight Pan Am 73 flying from Mumbai to United States which was hijacked by 4 Terrorists.
She was shot by the hijackers while she was saving three children from being shot by those hijackers.


Let’s Accept it…we were not aware of Her and her Bravery before Sonam Kapoor’s movie “Neerja” was released. Even I was not.. before the trailer was launched. I watched this movie a month before. But before that I have watched a lot of Videos related to her on YouTube. I watched her Parents Interview i.e. Mr. Harish Bhanot  & Mrs. Rama Bhanot.

What a Brave Woman she was…Inspired… Totally Inspired by her. I cried like a Baby when I watched this movie. It takes a lot of courage to give your Life to save other’s Life. There are so many things we can learn from her. It definitely takes a lot of courage and guts to choose between escaping a situation or giving your best to save other’s. She was well-trained  in Anti-Hijack measures so if she wanted she could have escaped the situation and saved her own life. But she didn’t. She chose to save other’s. Her mother instructed her that if any such situation occurs escape & save your life but she only said to her .. “Mar Jaaongi Lekin Bhagoongi Nhi” and she proved it. When her mother learned about the Hijack she was aware that now she is not going to come back. She was aware that Neerja will fight back till her last breath but won’t escape. She always fought back whether in her personal life by walking out of her marriage where she was tortured or professional life where she showed her courage and bravery against the hijackers.

What I learned from Neerja is to be Strong… No matter what just face your fears overcome them & be Strong, Confident & never tolerate anything which is wrong for you or other’s.. It’s easy to take someone’s life but very difficult to give your life to save others.. We need to learn to be a Fighter..Why we try to escape a situation ? Why can’t we handle our problems with courage ? Why we can’t just fight back ?  We have to become strong enough to tackle all our problems with courage. Fight back and Stand up against all wrongs.
Don’t become an Escapist. Being an Ordinary Woman if Neerja can face such an Extraordinary Situation with Bravery and Courage, I’m Sure every one of us can or now at-least we can learn from her.

Definitely we can’t Thank enough to the cast and crew of Neerja Movie ….especially Sonam Kapoor who brought Neerja in front of us. Thanks for making us aware of Neerja Bhanot. Sonam was so phenomenal. I could feel her. I could feel Neerja.

Neerja will always remain in our Heart. She is My Role Model…My Hero ♥

A Big Salute to Neerja Bhanot for her bravery 👏




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